4. I see the Grim Reaper in this one.

  5. Zap Zap

    (Cropped from expired 35mm Gold 200)


  8. I’m quite happy with the GW690/M645 camera pairing, I think that’ll be the new travel kit!

  11. Up

  12. I finally finished assembling a new 645 system to get some better film economy out of 120 rolls.  It is a Mamiya M645 1000s with a 150mm f/3.5 and the shutter curtain and seals all look to be in good condition.  But about a third of the shots off of the first roll had some kind of issue such as the ones above.  the occurrence is not always perfectly horizontal and is randomly distributed amongst the roll.  They also bleed past the frames into the mask.  Any thoughts as to the issue?


  13. I believe I successfully caught some bolts of lightning today during a pretty heavy storm we had here in Ottawa, I’m very excited to get that roll of hilariously expired Gold 200 dev’d and back in my hands.

  14. That’s a nice mattress.